The highways of Western Japan
connect you to wonderful views
and delicious cuisine.
Set out in search of a
Western Japan!

A lover’s paradise, overlooking Lake Biwa.

On the inbound lane of the Otsu service area, there is a large heart-shaped monument with Lake Biwa in the background. It’s become a very popular photo spot.

Take in the beautiful scenery of Lake Biwa from the national treasure Hikone Castle.

Gaze out at Lake Biwa and the town below the castle tower. It’s a famous spot for viewing autumn colors and the cherry blossoms of spring. This popular historic spot also is home to illumination events in autumn and spring.

It’s a great area for views of Lake Biwa from the observatory and the food court.

Enjoy views of Lake Biwa from this service area. There are lots of famous Kyoto and Nagoya specialties available too.

Traditional Japanese culture still thrives in Kyoto.

There are many traditionally Japanese historic buildings throughout the city. One part of the city is designated for its historical heritage. We’d like to introduce some especially popular spots in Kyoto. There are also some places open for a limited time at night. Enjoy the historic Kyoto nights.