The highways of Western Japan
connect you to wonderful views
and delicious cuisine.
Set out in search of a
Western Japan!

A pure Japanese-style service area! The famous mikanpan (orange sweet bread) is a perfect treat for a road trip!

Near Kansai International Airport, it also has a duty-free shop. This is a popular service area with foreign travelers because of the Japanese-style buildings and the local treats.

About 1,100 cute deer spread out over a vast area of fascinating historical temples.

The deer live freely in the park grounds amid abundant nature. The World Heritage sites Todai-ji Temple and Kofuku-ji Temples and Kasuga Taisha Grand Shrine as well as other cultural facilities are in this historic park.

Osaka Castle is a symbol of Osaka known for its luxurious and powerful architecture.

Osaka Castle is one of the three most prominent castles in Japan. It’s a popular spot that draws more than 1 million tourists annually. Among the castle’s many highlights, the castle tower and stone wall have been beautifully restored in their original styles.

Osaka’s downtown area has everything you need for shopping, dining out, and buying gifts to bring back home.

The Dotonbori is packed with large neon signs. It’s undoubtedly the best and brightest downtown in Western Japan. You can find everything from regional street food like takoyaki and kushikatsu (deep-fried skewers) to the finest gourmet restaurants. This place has it all for an enjoyable night in Osaka!