The highways of Western Japan connect you to wonderful views and delicious cuisine. Set out in search of a never-before-experienced Western Japan!

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⬤️Here is the route connecting Kansai, Chugoku-Shikoku, and Kyushu. >

Introducing a driving tour of popular dining and sightseeing spots starting from Airport and covering Kyusyu Region.

With the concept of local production and local consumption, the area is full of Kumamoto specialty sweets and local food.

We offer a rich selection of products including restaurants run by famous restaurants in Kumamoto and Aso, and Kumamoto specialties like raw horse, Taipien, and seafood dishes.

Sweets using the famous Yame tea are very popular! There is a good line-up of Fukuoka and Kumamoto souvenirs as well.

The tea plantations of the nationally famous Yame tea are close by and there are plenty of souvenirs that use this tea. Please try the local dish, “Kurume ramen”

At a height of 62 m, the Kannon statue has an amazing presence. It is a spiritual energy site where one prays for good luck and travel safety.

The Kurume branch has a huge “Jibodai Kannon” statue overlooking the city and one can see it even from far away. Made of reinforced concrete, it has a height of 62 meters and it is carrying a 13-meter long baby in it arms. It is a popular temple as a sacred energy site in Kyushu and many people visit it.

This is an eco-friendly area where one can eat amazing sweets made from vegetables and fruit purchased from local farmers!

We offer products that one can only buy here, including famous dishes that uses local produce for local consumption and sweets that have an extravagant amount of fruit!

Throughout the year, one can see 500 different types of beautiful flowers in the nature that surrounds this breezy village.

This park, on the magnificent Kuju Plateau, is surrounded by flowers and nature. It is in the perfect location and has flower events according to the season and are events that the whole family can enjoy.

The service area is the same for the people going in both directions. One can have luxurious Japanese and Italian food among others at this restaurant that is designed like a traditional house.

Not only can you easily enjoy local cuisine, but you can also have great food at a traditionally designed restaurant which is unimaginable for a service area. It is worth to see the scenery here that includes the Beppu Bay. This view has been set as a “Japanese night scenery heritage site.”

This hot spring resort boasts the largest amount of spring water in Japan. Here, one can enjoy some hot springs at a bargain price of less than 100 yen.

Of the 11 types of springs in the world, 10 of them can be enjoyed in Beppu. Why not enjoy the many hot springs here that have unique locations and effects on the body? Enjoy the hot springs with steamed food that uses steam from hot springs. This is called “Hell’s steaming.”