The highways of Western Japan connect you to wonderful views and delicious cuisine. Set out in search of a never-before-experienced Western Japan!

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Our recommended driving course for unmissable sightseeing spots in the Chugoku and Shikoku area!

Introducing a driving tour of popular dining and sightseeing spots starting from Airport and covering Chugoku and Shikoku Region.

What are these Japanese gardens which exude beauty in their changing appearance and where every step presents a beautiful new view?

Among the cultural heritage gardens that are designated as national scenic beauty spots, this place with the largest natural spaces also opens with the sunrise. Why not enjoy healthy rice porridge in the morning along with the beautiful scenery of the garden?

Reset your weary heart and body in Japan treasured art island floating in the Seto Inland Sea!

Naoshima is popular with international guests. With over 350,000 art fans flocking in from all over the world every year, it is like a parallel dimension where the entire island has become a museum. So, why not lose track of time, forget your worries and have fun?

Before you leave Kagawa Prefecture, you have to try these udon noodles.

In the udon specialty shop, you can taste the delicious Kagawa specialty udon, and enjoy the famous confectioneries and teas, goods from the ocean, and traditional craft works which are unique to the area.

Experience the breathtaking scenery and thrills at this easily accessible, yet unexplored region of Japan!

It's very popular with foreign tourists! The suspension bridge, which is designated as an Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property, hangs like a bridge over the rain forest. Will you be able to enjoy the natural splendor of the four seasons, while crossing the exciting, creaking suspension bridge?

This service area boasts an incredible assortment of Ehime mikan orange and seafood specialty products.

You can enjoy special products previously only available to this region and to the producers, along with high-quality locally harvested fruits and craft goods at the "Happy Healthy Highway Market".

Dogo Hot Spring and Matsuyama Castle, where you can experience the culture and history of Japan, are both unmissable sights!

Dogo Hot Spring is said to be the oldest hot spring in Japan, and the breathtaking, elegant townscape is designated as an important cultural property. Of course you can stay, but you can also a day trip or even just a foot bath. It is also close to Matsuyama Castle built on Mount Katsuyama, overlooking the center of Matsuyama city, so we recommend you to visit them both at the same time.