The highways of Western Japan connect you to wonderful views and delicious cuisine. Set out in search of a never-before-experienced Western Japan!

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Our recommended driving course for unmissable sightseeing spots in the Chugoku and Shikoku area!

Introducing a driving tour of popular dining and sightseeing spots starting from Airport and covering Chugoku and Shikoku Region.

Welcome to Miyajima's panoramic view, the finest on the Sanyo Road! Take a deep breath and enjoy the scenery.

A popular service area with a pleasant park full of lush greenery, it is special because its customers are not only drivers from the nearby highway, but many of them are also locals. It is a pleasant service area where you can relax.

There is the unmissable fantastic torii gate which floats in the sea and changes its appearance with the tides!

This place, a world cultural heritage spot and one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, has captured the hearts of many people from Japan and overseas. There is also a great selection of street food available.

A western style service area decorated with red brick and stars will leave both your heart and your belly satisfied!

The promenade, which is based on the concept of “a town of falling stars”, is dotted with 6 monuments on each side, making a total of 12 constellations. There are plenty of shops such as restaurants and bakeries that boast freshly baked bread.

Your senses will enjoy the fantasy created by nature and the drama of the wilderness!

A 1km section of the largest limestone cave in Japan, which has been designated as a special natural monument, has been opened to the public, and the mysterious natural formations will leave a lasting impression on you. In Safari Land, which is located in the unspoiled land of Akiyoshidai, around 70 species of wildlife and 700 birds and animals have been gathered together, it's fun for the whole family!

This is the place to go on a Fukuoka night. Enjoy more than 100 unique stalls!

It wouldn't be a Fukuoka or Hakata night without stalls representing Tenjin, Nakasu, and Nagahama too! From 6 to 7pm, more than 100 stalls are gathered. Ramen, tempura, and plenty of liquor - Fukuoka's finest flavors are collected here!