Shopping Areas

In the shopping areas, you can buy local specialties that make use of the characteristics of each area. Some of the products are only available for purchase along the expressway. Don’t miss these valuable products.

Look for this mark

Convenience Stores

The following convenience stores operate in the Service Areas (SA) and Parking Areas (PA).

Tax-free Shop

We provide a Tax-free counter at commercial facilities in some of the service areas / parking areas.

Shopping etiquette

There is etiquette to shopping as well. Just because you are a customer or just because you are paying money does not mean that you are free to do anything you want. In particular, the following behaviors are major breaches of etiquette in Japan. Please be aware of this when shopping.

Do not open product packages before paying.

Do not open packages before paying. If you want to check the contents, please ask a shop clerk.

Do not eat products before paying.

It is also forbidden to open packages and eat products while browsing or standing in line for the register regardless of your intention to pay.

Do not raise your voice.

Many people make use of the shopping areas. So as not to inconvenience or displeasure other shoppers, please do not converse in a loud voice.

Form lines

When purchasing products, make sure to form lines and wait your turn.