Information Desk helps all highway users with various inquiries. Feel free to ask about the traffic information, tolls and distances, facility information in the area, and any other things you would like to know.
Information Desks in the Nishi Nihon SHD jurisdiction (67 locations) are certified as the “JNTO Tourist Information Center – Category 1” and offer multilingual support via tele-interpretation service (available in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish).

Also, the following Information Desks (11 locations) offer the interpretation service via the TV phone from tablets (available in English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Russian. Please note that some language services are not available at certain point of time.)

・Meishin Expwy. Otsu SA(Down) information
・Hanwa Expwy. Kishiwada SA(Up&Down) information
・Hanwa Expwy. Kinokawa SA(Down) information
・San-yo Expwy. Kudamatsu(Up) information
・Kyushu Expwy. Koga SA(Up) information
・Kyushu Expwy. Kiyama PA(Down) information
・Nagasaki Expwy. Kinryu SA(Up&Down) information
・Nagasaki Expwy. Kawanobori SA(Down) information
・Oita Expwy. Beppuwan SA(Down) information

Rental-free various equipment.
Wheel chair, baby stroller, reading glasses, charging service for mobile phones, and recuperation room for sick people are available.

Rental equipment is available only for use within the facility.
Do not take it away from the facility.

Free multi-language guide maps are distributed. For visitors from foreign countries, multi-language guide maps are available for free distribution.

Make use of it for driving on expressways. Available languages: English, Korean, Chinese (in simplified and traditional characters)

Tax-free Shop

We provide a Tax-free counter at commercial facilities in some of the service areas / parking areas.

"Alipay" and "WeChatPay" are available.

To have foreign visitors in Japan enjoy shopping in the service area and parking area of Japan more easily and conveniently, we are gradually introducing mobile payment service "Alipay" and "WeChatPay" to some stores in Kansai and Kyushu area where many foreign guests are visiting.