For an enjoyable meal, come to a restaurant! Each restaurant greets you with a relaxed atmosphere and spaces as well as elaborately designed interiors. The dishes available make the most of local features and are well-varied in flavors and tastes.

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Snack Areas and Food Areas

You can enjoy a variety of different genres of cuisine in the spacious Snack Areas and Food Areas! You can drop in and eat when you are in a hurry or when you want to take a little rest from driving. * The Snack Areas and Food Areas are self-service.

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Drop by a café when you need a little break while driving! For safety’s sake as well, we recommend that you take periodic breaks while driving. Refresh yourself at one of the cafés, which are located in convenient areas.


When you feel a little hungry, how about some bread? It’s convenient and easy. There are many delicious bakeries and some are quite popular.

Meal etiquette

Meal etiquette varies by country. Japan has its own rules of etiquette. Please obey the Japanese rules of etiquette while you are here. Be aware that the following behaviors when dining in Japan are considered breaches of etiquette that displeasure others. Please make sure to avoid these behaviors.

Do not spit out food.

In Japan, it is a breach of etiquette to spit food out of your mouth at the table. When it is unavoidable, such as with fish bones, etc., please discreetly place it on your plate.

Do not eat messily.

In Japan, it is a major breach of etiquette to eat messily such as placing leftovers directly on the table or to dumping tea out onto the floor. Please do not do this.

Do not talk loudly or be noisy.

Many people make use of the restaurants. So as not to inconvenience or displeasure other diners, please do not converse in a loud voice or otherwise be noisy.

Do not burp.

Please be aware that it is a breach of etiquette to burp during a meal.

Smoke in the smoking areas

In Japan, areas are divided into smoking and non-smoking. Restaurants, etc. are non-smoking areas. Please smoke only in the designated smoking areas.


We use the following symbols to denote the presence of the 7 major allergens as well as 4 other main ingredients. In order to make informed decisions regarding your food choices, we ask that you fully understand the below allergen chart before ordering.

* 1. Because the same flatware, dishes, cooking equipment, etc. are used, and each member of our kitchen staff handles all ingredients, there is a chance of cross-contamination. Customers who are especially sensitive to certain allergens or whose symptoms are severe should exercise caution.

* 2. If you have any questions about the allergen chart, please ask a member of staff for clarification.