ATM Area

There are Cash Corners located conveniently for when you need to withdraw money quickly. Please be aware that service hours and contents may differ between financial institutions.


Free Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) Service Area

This service allows you easy access to the Internet, videos, etc. within Service Areas. You can access the Wireless LAN in designated areas within Snack Areas and Food Areas.

* Some areas are inaccessible due to poor signal reception.

Usable Wi-Fi List

wifi“SoftBank Wi-Fi” is a public wireless LAN service provided by SoftBank Mobile that is usable across the country, particularly in stations, airports, cafés, etc. A contract with SoftBank Mobile is necessary to be able to use “SoftBank Wi-Fi.”

wifi“Docomo Wi-Fi” is a public wireless LAN service provided by NTT Docomo that is accessible in a variety of locations such as stations, airports, cafés, fast-food restaurants, etc. A contract with NTT Docomo is necessary to be able to use “Docomo Wi-Fi.”

wifi“W-NEXCO Free Wi-Fi” is a public wireless LAN service usable in Service Area and Parking Area facilities along expressways managed by NEXCO West Japan. It is necessary to register an ID and password to be able to use “W-NEXCO Free Wi-Fi.”

* “W-NEXCO Free Wi-Fi” is only available in English. Chinese and Korean are not available.

Gas station

Gas station

Fill up you tank early!
Out-of-gas may lead to a serious accident on expressways. So, fill up your tank early.

Plug-in boost charge stands

Plug-in boost charge stands

Introduced here are facilities and locations of plug-in stands for electric vehicles (EV)!
Make sure of the locations of plug-in stands before you start on your driving.

Caution for users of a pace-maker or ICD (implantable cardiac defibrillator)

Do not go near a plug-in boost charger.
When in need to operate the stand, ask other people to do it for you.
Electromagnetic waves from the product during charging may have temporary effects on the pace-maker or ICD.